Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Many of us know about the movie "The Secret" or the "Law of Attraction" or as Deepak's book was called "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" & we have often talked in this blog about setting your intentions to bring more joy into your life.  This setting of intention is the first step in realizing all your dreams, connect with your soul & create the joy you want to manifest in your life.

The next step, which is often overlooked, is the detachment of this intention.  We've discussed how God/universe only knows to give us what we ask for, but if we stay attached to our request we will manifest that attachment.  Here's an example; "I want more money" is my intention because I "want" the universe only knows to give me more wanting & if I then attach myself to this intention saying I need "xyz" to happen to get more money I close myself off to all other possibilities.

In detachment, we manifest by allowing the universe to create our intention in any way it chooses because we're not attached to the outcome of our intention.  It is in this uncertainty of how the intention will manifest that allows the universe to do its best work.  Thus if my intention is for more money, I would start with something like this: "I have an abundance of resources that continually manifest themselves in my life"  In this intention I first changed the thought from wanting to acknowledgment of continued abundance.  Then I detach myself from the outcome by allowing God/universe to work in anyway it sees fit.  I don't condition this intention by saying my continued abundance is by working at this job or winning the lottery.

Detachment is the only way an intention will manifest.  It's letting go of control to allow the universe to work.  The final part of manifesting this intention is to believe it on a soul level.  Many of us can say we have abundance in our lives but deep down we have fears of having enough money to pay the bills.  The only true way to manifest what you want is believe it in the deepest part of your soul.  To begin with, saying the intention over & over again is a great way to start.  You can often actually convince yourself of your intention if you continue to repeat the words to yourself, at some point you may actually believe yourself.  But, the easiest way is to put yourself into a quiet place & connect to your soul. Then realize in this quiet reflection that you've always had abundance.

Detachment is a difficult lesson & as we discussed in the blog on control, in this world it's even more difficult to let go.  Letting go of your intentions will alllow miracles to happen!

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Quote of the day: "Detach yourself from the outcome of all your intentions & manifest the joy you're looking for today!" 


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