Monday, October 26, 2009

Detachment II

I wrote last week about detachment in regards to your intentions.  In that blog I mentioned how we need to detach from the results of our intentions in order for them to be manifested.  I also discussed how we need to be careful with the way we phrase our intention & watch using words like want & need.  There's another part to detachment & it came up in a conversation I was having with a friend yesterday.  She asked me about patience with the universe manifesting our intentions.

I wrote a blog a while ago about patience.  The patience I wrote about was patience with yourself & others.  Patience can be a difficult thing for all us, especially in this hurried world we all live in.  We all expect everything to happen now!  This is never more true then with our intentions.  We expect that if we take the time to connect with our soul & set our intention in the right way that the universe should manifest our intention right now.

Truly, if we detach from the result of our intention completely we don't need to be patient.  Why? because if we detach from the result of our intention we aren't concerned when or how this intention will be manifested we just know it will be.  Now I realize that all of us do wait to see our intentions manifested.  In fact being connected to God/universe makes you more aware of what things come into your life. But truly if you detach from the results of your intention you aren't concerned about when this intention will be manifested.

In the bigger picture, I believe that God/universe has a sense of humor about things in our life & especially with our intentions.  I have found that God/universe likes to bring things in our life to show us what our true thoughts are rather then the intention we think we've set.  God/universe will also tease us with tempting material things to see if we truly want to stick with our intention.  I personally find it all very interesting but I never worry about the timing of it all.  I just truly believe that whatever intention I set will manifest itself in the perfect way at the right time.

Sometimes we think we know when the perfect time is for us.  But truly if a pure intention is set & it's not manifested God/universe doesn't believe it's the correct time for this intention to be manifested in our lives.  Trust in the process & everything will be manifested in the proper time.

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Quote of the day: "Release your intention & know that it will be manifested in the perfect way at the perfect time."


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