Wednesday, October 7, 2009


For many years in my life I never truly understood this word.  Oh sure I knew the definition but I mean what it was suppose to mean in my life.  How about you?  Do you complicate your life?  Do you make things more difficult then they need to be?

The truest way to continue to move forward in your life is to let go of needing things, be of service to others & simplify your life.  Yes, it took me years to get this.  I always thought that because I could figure out a way to make something happen, that it was meant to happen.  Sometimes I would go through complex steps to get to what I thought was the final goal.  I discovered that although I became very good at figuring out out to make something happen, that rarely when I got what I wanted did I feel good.  I suppose there could be many reason for this but overall I've discovered that if something is suppose to happen it will happen.  Truly the simplest way is the best way.

This idea is hard to bring home for most people because we live in a complex world where there are many different demands on our time.  The truth is that this idea is very old, if you were to read the Tao many verses talk about finding the simplest way.  Now, this doesn't mean sitting on your bottom & doing nothing (even though at times that can work).  Everything in the universe first takes action to begin.  So taking the easiest/simplest path still requires action but the difference is everything will work together with you rather then you just trying to make things happen.

We are in a world that judges everything by instant success.  If something doesn't work NOW, it's not a good idea. (just look at all the fads we go through or people that become famous for a few months)  This isn't the way of the universe, the universe takes time to act in the simplest way for all.  By simplifying our own lives we can begin to see an easier path to everything we want.  God/universe only knows to give, it doesn't know lack.  So if we keep our thoughts clear and our intentions pure we will find the simplest way to success & more joy in our lives.

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Quote of the day: "Begin to simplify your life & you will discover the natural flow of the universe."

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