Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Do you harbor resentment towards others?  We talked a while ago about taking responsibility in your life.  In that blog I discussed how people avoid taking responsibility for anything in their life.  They like to blame everyone else for what's happening in their life.  The truth is we only have 2 things that we have control over in our lives. These are our own actions;  We can control what we are going to do, like getting another cup of coffee. The 2nd is how we react to others; that story was really funny you made me laugh.  We don't have control over anything else.  You may believe you do but truly you don't.

This 2nd control we have in our life, how we react to others is where resentment hides.  In the blog I wrote on taking responsibility I said that we all need to take responsibility for the things in our life.  We need to stop blaming other's.....he made me so upset that I am angry at everyone now.  You have the choice to let go of the anger so truly you have control over how you feel & this is where resentment hides.  I resent him because he ruined my day by making me so angry.

Taking responsibility is the 1st step of this process, the 2nd step is your reaction to others.  Can you have someone say something to you trying to get you upset & not get upset?  This is the toughest part of letting go of resentment & taking control of your life.  You need to come from a place of love.  Always look to others with love even when they are angry or trying to make you angry.  By moving to this next step you will never harbor resentment.  You will move beyond these negative feeling & onto a more joyful life.

Let go of the negative emotions in your life.  Open yourself to being the loving person we are all meant to be.  By coming from a place of love we can actually help this angry person let go of his anger.  Negative emotions want company, they need people to join to keep them going.  The old adage that misery loves company truly is correct & this is how negative emotions can take over your life.  Open yourself to love even when it's hard. Let go of the negative emotions of resentment & anger & continue on your path to a more joyful life. 

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Quote of the Day: "Let go of resentment & replace it with love.  Through love you will find a more joyful life."

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