Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finding your Joy

Do you know what gives you joy in your life?  Do you know what your life's purpose is?  I think we all struggle with these questions & some of us take their entire life before they figure out what their true purpose is.  I don't have any easy answers to these questions & if you have been reading this bog for a while you know I don't subscribe to the "quick fix" theory.  I truly believe the more effort you put into changing your life the better your life will be because the habits you develop over time & the practices you follow to keep yourself open & in the moment take work to perfect.

So what gives you joy?  Joy is state beyond happiness, to me joy is happiness on steroids.  There is a true bliss about being in a joyful place & I have found in my life these moments start from the inside.  So many of us are in search of things in our lives.  We believe that everything we are looking for comes from outside our own being.  We think when we find the perfect love or the perfect job we'll be happy & find joy in our everyday.  But I believe that everything comes from within & grows out into the world.  So, to find joy in your life you have to start with joy within yourself.  The next step, for me, is to live in the moment & pay attention to the smallest things in your life.  When you find joy in each moment it becomes easier to sustain this joy throughout all of your life.

This process is not easy, we tend to get distracted & caught up into the noise that's around us.  We don't like self reflection because we don't love ourselves very much.  But, like everything else if you work at it & begin with the desire to change your life, your life will change beyond your wildest imagination.

So what is your life's purpose?  Only you can answer that.  If you work to find the joy in your life your true purpose will be revealed to you.  I believe there needs to be a separation between our "job" & our life's purpose. Not many of us are able to have a job that completely fills us up.  We should all strive to find that "perfect" job but as long as you have balance between your work life & home life you can still find fulfillment through family, hobbies or volunteer work.  I believe that service to others is the quickest way to find your life purpose.  I believe this giving of ones self will bring more joy into your life then you can imagine.  Find a way to give yourself to others & discover what your life's purpose is.

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Quote of the day: "The joy in life is living each moment to the fullest.  Find the joy in heart & let it shine on the world"

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