Friday, October 16, 2009


Do you have a vision for your life?  Do you truly know what you want?  Many of us think we have an idea of what we want in life, but is what we want truly what we need?  Are we listening to our soul or to our EGO?  These are very difficult questions & as I noted in the blog about EGO several months ago, it's a tough thing to get past.  We think if we get that job or if we find true love that we'll have a joyful life.  This isn't always the case, if our motivation is from our EGO we'll truly never be satisfied.  That's one of the problem with the EGO it wants more & more & can never be satisfied.  It might be happy for a short period of time because it's gotten what it wants but it will never be truly satisfied.

One of the first blogs I wrote about was creating a vision board & taking time to look at it each day & feel the way each picture or word makes you feel.  I have found that if you do this you will begin to manifest many of the things you want in your life.  As I noted in the Vision Board blog, I like to use a bulletin board because it's easy to add new things or change things out as your vision for your life changes.

The thing I didn't discuss in the blog on a Vision Board was taking the time to create a vision for your life.  For me this takes time, I tend to write down the things that I think I want in my life & think about them off & on for sometimes weeks.  I let them get into my head so I may wake up thinking about them.  The next step I take is to try & understand how this thought makes me feel, does it feel right to my gut or soul?

My experience is that if you take the time to feel your way through the things you think you want in your life, you will slowly take the EGO out of the equation.  The things that don't feel right or correct to your gut/soul usually are EGO based & not truly what you want.  In addition what will happen to me is that when I think about something & it feels right to my gut/soul my head/EGO will try to talk me out of it.  The EGO will put up stumbling blocks or obstacles to try & take away what is a true gut feeling.

Why does the EGO do this?  I can't answer for everyone but for me it's because the EGO wants something right now to try & satisfy it.  It doesn't want to wait & work towards a goal.  It wants it right now & it will always want the quick & easy way.  Don't trust the EGO!

Create a vision for your life.  Reflect  on what you truly want in your life & create a vision board with things that will help you bring these things into your life.

Until Monday, have a great weekend.


Quote of the day: "Take the time to create a vision for your life.  Reflect on it daily & watch this vision manifest itself & you will ahve more joy in your life!"

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