Tuesday, October 27, 2009


In the world today there seems to be a lot of people that have violated people's trust.  In fact there's a general feeling that nobody is trustworthy anymore.  Every politician, every actor, every company head has people that watch their every move to see if they are doing anything that violates our trust.

I believe this is a very toxic environment.  The media instills fear into everyone so we react from fear rather then from a good positive place.  There will always be people that take advantage of others.  These people are misguided they believe that money is the only way to joy & their EGO has taken over completely.  They will never find true joy because the EGO can never be satisfied.  It always wants more & it wants more as quickly as possible.  It doesn't consider the impact on others.

The truth to me is that most people are good people and they want to do the right thing.  I believe that, as with love, we need to trust more.  Trust as defined by dictionary.com is: to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something.  I believe the way to create a better place to live, whether it be our home, our town, our state or our country is to rely on one another.  I believe with the opening up of the world through the internet, cell phones & other communication devices that their are many people in the world that want to live in a better place.  Together we can make a difference.

Now, I'm not saying that you should blindly trust everyone (especially in regards to money) but I believe we need to lead with trust.  Believe in people, just this shift of your thoughts to a more open & trusting person will lead you to a more joyful life!

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Quote of the day: "Trust & believe in the people in your life.  Together we can change the world!"

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