Friday, October 23, 2009


We've talked a lot about different emotions over the past few months & we've particularly focused on the negative emotions that hold us back from having a more joyful life. I've tried to show you ways to work through these negative emotion to bring your life to a more positive/joyful place.  As we move forward on this journey to joy it's important to understand that we need to accept all of our emotions, even the negative ones as part of who we are.

As we grow to accept who were are & love ourselves where were at right now.  We need to allow ourselves to feel all of our emotions.  They are all part of who we are & although we want to minimize the negative emotions in our life, we have to accept them when we feel them.  Try to understand where the emotions are coming from, whether good or bad.  When we understand the reason we're reacting the way we do, we get to know ourselves much better.  Sometimes these emotions, good or negative, can be very deep seated from something that's happen in your life before.  The situation that you are experiencing at the moment may not be the same situation that happen in your past but it makes you feel the same way.  It's this connection to your feelings that's important to note.

By understanding the "why" of emotions we can minimize the impact of the negative emotions in our lives.  Sometimes these negative emotions serve us well, like Fear!  Although we don't want to live from a place of fear, (& far to many of us do) if you were in a situation where we should be in fear it does serve us well.  All of our emotions are important & they are all part of who we are.  Celebrate each of them & grow in your knowledge of yourself when you experience them.

You are a compilation of everything you've experienced in your life. Accept all the different parts of you including all of your emotions.  Grow & understand each part of yourself & you will lead a more joyful life.

Till Monday, have a great weekend.


Quote of the day: "Accept & experience all the emotions you have, for each emotion is a window into who you are." 


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