Friday, October 30, 2009


Are you concerned about the uncertainty in your life?  Does it consume you not knowing what's going to happen next with your job, your relationship, your dreams? In the world today there is so much information about everything in our lives but it really doesn't help us to know what's next. In fact, I think all this information leads to more uncertainty in our lives. The truth is there is no defined answer to anything in our lives, that's why we need to live our lives in each & every moment.

The problem with us getting caught up in the uncertainty of our lives is that uncertainty leads to fear & we should never lead our lives from a place of fear. Everyone tries to scare us into doing things so we'll be safe.  I wrote a blog a few months ago about fear & the need to release it from our lives.  Uncertainty feeds fear & can begin the process of making our lives one of fear.

Know that nothing in life is certain but if we live our lives from a place of openness & love everything we ask for will be provided. Believe in the process of God/universe, know that if you let go of fear & open your heart you will always be provided for.  Everything in life happens at the correct time for us.  Sometimes we don't believe that because we want something else to happen in our lives.  But, the truth is that as long as we come from a place of love, set our intentions & detach from the result everything will happen at just the right time.

I hope you have a great weekend!!  See you again on Monday.


Quote of the day: "Let go of the uncertainty in your life, open your heart to love & everything will happen at the right time for you!  Believe in Miracles!!"

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