Monday, November 2, 2009


Do you have passion in your life?  Are you willing to rediscover your passion?  I think so many of us these days go through our lives being comfortable. We're afraid to step out of the normal to really enjoy our lives.  I wrote a blog on Comfort a couple of months ago where I went into detail about how important it is to not become to comfortable in your life.  The important thing to remember is you need to step out & keep learning & growing.  I think that is where you need to find your passion.

Some of us can quickly reflect on our passions from our childhood, "I found true joy playing baseball" for example.  But in life as we grow older things seem to get in our way & we begin to settle for way to much in our lives.  If you can rediscover your passions your life will be better & more joyful.

The true expression of passion would be to have a job that you truly love.  If your one of the lucky people that this is the case, you are able to find joy everyday through your work.  For many of us, this is only a dream & we hope at some point in our lives we'll be able to do the thing we're passionate about.  In the mean time get involved volunteering or spend time after work doing what you're truly passionate about.

Take time to reflect on what your true passions are in life.  Make time to reconnect with those passions, your life will be better because of it.  It doesn't matter if you'll never become a great artist, if painting is your passion take time to paint.  We very often look to the end result to justify our action.  This is no excuse with passion, if you love to do something, find time to do it.

Live your life with passion for every moment.  Rediscover your true passions & life will be more joyful.

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Quote of the day: "Rediscover the passion in your life, take time to enjoy those passions & you will have a more joyful life."

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