Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Being Grateful II

One of the first blog's I wrote was on being Grateful, to put yourself in an attitude of gratitude will change your life.  Since this is my last blog before Thanksgiving I thought I would revisit that blog.

Start today by creating a daily practice of writing down things to be grateful for.  This practice will shift your thoughts from the negative things in your life to a more positive outlook.  I have also discovered that the feelings that are attached to the things you are grateful for will continue to show up in your life creating a more joyful life going forward.

I challenge you at this special time of the year to begin this practice & to write down daily at least 5 things that you are grateful for.  Feel the feelings of each of these things & remember those feelings as you write down each item.  These feelings of gratitude will create a change in your environment.  I look at it like a stone thrown into a pond each grateful thought creates ripples that spread out throughout the universe creating good thoughts of gratitude throughout the universe.

Everything begins from within & radiates out to the universe in return the God/universe returns the feelings to you over & over again.  So if you're grateful for the great day you had yesterday, God/universe will send back to you more great days.  The important thing is to begin the process & stick to it.  It can be done fairly quickly & the change in your life will be incredible.

Heidi & I are going to one of our favorite places for Thanksgiving.  The Smokey Mountains, I will try to write a blog on Friday but until then I'm not sure about internet access.  I hope you all have a special day with family & friends.  It's doubly special for me as Thanksgiving this year is also my birthday we are grateful to my Mom & Heidi's parents for giving us the money for our birthdays so we could go on this trip.



Quote of the day: "Give thanks for the great things in your life.  This state of gratitude will bring you more joy everyday."

My next video blog is now available on Youtube.  The subject of this blog is "Forgiveness".  Take a look:  http://bit.ly/32ZLSU

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