Friday, November 20, 2009

Life's Mission

Do you know what your Life's purpose is?  Have you set goals & objectives to reach your Life's purpose?  I believe we are all born with our true purpose inside of us.  I think many of us spend our entire life trying to figure out what that purpose is.  We've talked a lot in the past about opening yourself up to God/universe & paying attention to signs that you receive.

I believe most of us struggle with what our true purpose is & finding what really fulfills us can be a real journey of faith.  So often the noise of life gets in our way & the demands of others in our life as well as just getting through day to day, quiets the burning we have deep within us.  We struggle to find the time to examine our own feelings & desires & we let the speed of life catch us up in just getting through.

I know for me, I've struggled my entire life with what I should be doing & how it will make a difference.  I've worked hard on trying to listen to the deepest parts of myself to try & discern 
what my true purpose is.  Here's what I've decided for me; My life is here to serve others & bring as much love & joy into their life as I can.  

I know most of you are saying well that sounds great but how can you do that?  I haven't truly figured that out yet.  That's the other side of your life's purpose, how to make it viable in today's world.  What I do to fill me up is write this blog, try to be a presence of love on twitter & recently I started my video blog.  These activities fulfill my true purpose & help to lift me up everyday, although they don't bring me the work I really need.  I think this is an unfortunate choice many of us need to make. The choice between our true life's purpose & how we can make a living & although this choice may be difficult for us.  I believe that if you fill yourself up with what you feel your life's purpose is whenever you can it's truly better then not doing anything that matters in your life. 

If each of us would take the time to examine our lives & discern what our true life's purpose is; the world would be a better place.  It's not the bold loud steps that are going to make a difference in this world.  They can be wonderful to see & they may even inspire us but the way to make the world a better place to live is for each one us to move to a place of love & understanding in everything we do.

Till Monday, enjoy your weekend.


Quote of the day: "Take time to discover your true life's mission.  Then move to fill your life with it's true purpose & the world will be a better place."

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