Monday, November 23, 2009

Good & Evil

Is there good & evil in the world?  The easy answer of this question for most of us is a resounding yes!!  But, looking at this question at a deeper level the answer is no!  How can I possibly say that?  Of course there's evil in the world, right?  I believe there are a few things at work in this question; first of all we go back to the need to label.  It's a great comfort for us to say that this good & that is evil.  We need to know that there is evil in the world because we have something to blame for our misfortunes on.

Once we move past the "Labeling" argument we need to look at our true nature.  What is our true nature?  Remember that each one of us is a divine being created by a divine being, all we truly know is to love & be loved.  I know this sounds hard to believe but truly that's all we know from our true nature.  When we are connected to the divine energy that is our soul we are connected to everything in the universe & we feel love.

So why do "evil"/bad things happen?  The reason why things happen that are terrible is because of the EGO.  I wrote a wonderful blog many months ago about the EGO & I like Dr Wayne Dyer's definition for EGO: Edge Out God.  You see that's where we go wrong.  We look for the instant gratification that satisfies the EGO & we loose the connection to our true nature in the process.

The EGO can never be satisfied it always wants more & unfortunately it will do whatever it has to to get what it wants.  So the people that do the things we consider evil are only misguided divine beings.  As we awaken our true nature the world will move to a place of more love & understanding.  Slowly each one of us will learn to stay connected to our soul & thus to everything.  This connection will change the world.  Love is the answer for everything we need.  Will we eliminate evil when this shift begins to happen?  I think the answer to this is no because there will always be people that look for the quick & easy way to get what they believe they want.  My hope is that these people will become less & less important in the world.

Love is the path to everything you can imagine.  Believe in love & work on staying connected to your soul.  The universe will open up to you & your life will be better then even you can imagine.

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Quote of the day: "Love is all we need, if we can move to a place of love we can change the world"

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