Monday, November 16, 2009


Do you like to give everything in your life labels?  That's good, that's bad, that's ugly, that get the idea.  To many of us try to label everything in our lives' to some extent this practice give us great comfort because when we label something it's defined & we feel better knowing that we can call it that!

The truth is this practice closes us off to other possibilities by defining anything in our life as good/bad, etc. we've made a decision that it can't be anything else but what we've labeled it.  This is especially true with people & tomorrow I'll go deeper into this practice in regards to people in a blog about being judgmental.  Today the important thing to remember is that nothing in your life is only one thing.  Everything has the potential to be exactly what you want it to be & many things can be more then we expect them to be.  But, if we label something we immediately take away the possibility for it to be anything other then what we label it.

To some extent I understand that this is a difficult idea, it took me many years to try & understand how we choose these labels for everything in our lives & by choosing the labels we define these things forever.  In the past I spoke about the interesting experiments that were conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto.  In these experiments he saw the way thoughts could effect water crystals.  If things in the universe are all connected & the mere thought by someone can change the structure of water.  Then defining something with a label will change that thing to whatever you decide it is, not what it can potentially be.

By opening your mind & allowing the things in your life to just be & to observe everything as it enters your life.  You create a place that God/universe can easily play in & thus you open your life to many more possibilities.

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Quote of the day: "By letting go of labels we open our lives to more possibilities. Through this opening up we allow ourselves more joy!"

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