Thursday, November 12, 2009


What are your thoughts about death? Do you believe in life after death?  Do you believe in reincarnation?  One of the deepest seated traditions in all cultures is the traditions that are followed around death.  Death is a subject, for the most part, that isn't discussed in most places in the U.S. & it can lead to some very interesting discussion if it ever is brought up. 

I never really thought much about death growing up.  I lost my Grandmother when I was about 9 & still remember my Grandfather crying in our family room the night of her death.  Then when I was 20 I lost one of my best friends, my Grandfather.  Although his death affected me to some extent, the truth is I was so tied up in my own life it's only been since I've grown older that I've realize how much I've missed him.  Then nearly 4 years ago I lost my Father.  His death had a huge impact on my life.  This impact actually surprised me because we didn't always have the best relationship but from his death I've been able to grow & expand who I am & what I believe.

I believe that the core of who we are is energy.  This energy is connected to everything in the world & beyond.  It is this energy that we need to learn to tap into on a daily basis.  It is the energy of our divine creation.  Since at our core we are pure energy there truly is no such thing as death.  We are truly divine beings created by a divine being & when we leave this shell that is our human body we simply return to that divine source.

When we are able to connect to this energy, the energy that always dwells deep within us. We can connect to everyone who's come before us because when we die our energy is reconnected to the energy of everything.  The energy that is God/universe.

Is it easy to let go of the people we care about?  I have found it easier with the knowledge that they truly are still apart of us.  Like everyone else I miss the physical presence of the people I've know in my life but I believe when I need to hear them God/universe still sends us the answers that we need to hear.

So do I believe in reincarnation?  I'm truly not sure; there has been some compelling evidence that reincarnation may be a fact but to me it's not important. Whether we physically return to the earth or not, our energy, which is our soul, continues on forever.

Learn to reconnect with this divine energy on a daily basis.  Reconnect with the loved ones you've lost in your life & live through this energy to have a more joyful life.

I'm going to take tomorrow off from writing.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I look forward to connecting with you again on Monday.


Quote of the day: "Death is not an ending it's only the beginning of a new chapter in our lives."

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