Tuesday, November 3, 2009


One of the most destructive emotions we can have to deal with on our journey to joy is Jealousy/Envy.  The dictionary.com definition of jealousy is: jealous resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another's success or advantage itself. The definition of Envy is: a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another's advantages, success, possessions, etc.  The bottom line of these emotions are that we become consumed with what someone else has.  The reason this is such a destructive emotion for leading a more joyful life is that the more jealous we become of another person success, the more we deny ourselves the ability to have what they have.

God/universe remember always gives us back what our thoughts are so if we are filled with these negative emotions, we will receive back more jealousy/envy.  This becomes a self perpetuating situation.  The more you desire what they have, the more God/universe will give you the feeling of jealousy/envy.

Your life is made up of your thoughts & the more you allow negative thoughts into your life the harder it will be to move into a joyful place. You need to recognize & accept these emotions & then move past them with love.  Take the time to understand the thoughts & feelings you're having in your life.  Accept all of your feelings, even the negative ones like jealousy/envy, try to understand why you're feeling the way you feel. Let go of the these emotions, release the need for having things & come from a place of love.

Open your heart & celebrate the bounty of what others have achieved in their life.  No matter what they have or what they've achieved be happy for them, truly happy.  Open your heart to love & let go of jealousy & envy.  Move past the negative emotions in your life & find the joy you are meant to have.

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Quote of the day: "Open your heart to love & let go of jealousy & envy, for through love everything is possible."

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