Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Being Judgmental

Yesterday we discussed how putting labels on things in your life closes off all the possibilities for that "thing" to be anything other then what you label it.  Today we're going to take this concept to the next level & discuss it in regards to people.  We all interact with many people in our daily lives & most of us put labels on these people right away.  These labels are created by our need to judge everyone that comes into our life.

This need for judgment is driven by our EGO's.  We feel comfort & superiority by judging & defining the people in our lives.  Oh that person is rude, he's smart, she's stupid, etc.  The problem with judging the people in our lives goes much deeper then labeling of "things" in our lives.  Like yesterday's blog we close ourselves off by judging everyone in our lives but this is especially harmful with people because we limit our ability to learn from these people in our lives.

One of the first blogs I did 5 months ago when I began writing was on "Synchronicity".  In that blog I pointed out that everyone that comes into your life is there for a reason.  Our challenge is to discover the message that these people have for us.  This message will be much more difficult to discover if we've already judged these people & labeled them as someone that can't help us.  Remember that we need to come from a place of love to deal with everyone in our life.  By coming from a place of love we can actually change the relationships in our life.  Sometimes it's not easy to change these relationships because of what we've said or done in the past but the relationship will change if you continue to open your heart & come from a place of love.

In addition to closing ourselves off from these people, our judgment may actually harm the other person. How you ask?  It's easy, because we all look to "label" everything & everyone in our life.  We are very willing to accept the "labels" that others communicate to us.  This passing on of "labels" can create an environment where the judged person is forever stuck with that "label" & we therefore deny this person the ability to achieve the life they desire.  Of course this "labeling" can become even more destructive because it can create predjudice & hate. 

Open your heart to love, let go of judgment & learn from all the people that enter your life.

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Quote of the day: "If you judge people, you have no time to love them." - Mother Teresa 

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