Friday, October 2, 2009


Is your life comfortable?  Do you have a routine that you're happy with?  I was re-reading Tom V. Morris's new book "Twisdom" yesterday & this quote made me think:"There's nothing wrong with a little comfort to help you relax.  It's always a fine servant, but a very bad master."  I think overall we all enjoy comfort too much.  We have a daily routine that we follow & rarely if ever vary from.  We get up at the same time, leave the house at the same time, spend the same time at work & return home at the same time.  We feel good that things go "as expected" in our day because we all find comfort in this normal routine.

The problem is that if we become too routine in our life we're missing out on so much joy.  We aren't truly living in the moment, we're going through a routine.  Before we know it 10 or 15 years have gone by & we're still living the same life.  It might be a nice life, a life we're happy with but it will never be the life we could have.  I'm not saying you should change everything in your life today & actually even a small change for most people is a very difficult thing.  But, what we need to do is examine our life for the possibilities.  We miss so much going through our routine & if we can just open our eyes to everything around us there's so much that's available that we miss on a daily basis.

Here's an example of how I try to live in the moment rather then sticking to the routine; When I'm on vacation or even when I'm "planning" something for a day.  I make a general plan that we're going to go to x,y & z and in general we'll probably stay 2 hours at x, 3 hours at y, & 4 hours at z.  I'm sure many of us do this but what I try to do is enjoy the moment & enjoy where I am at.  So, if I'm having a great time at x I'll stay & enjoy the time I'm having at x if that means I don't get to go to y & z, that's ok with me.  To me it's much more important to enjoy the time I am having then to stick to a schedule.

This is just a small example of how you can step out of your comfort zone & continue to try & stretch your life into a more joyful/positive life.  Remember that life is lived in each & every moment and although we all need some comfort in our lives, the true joy is found in paying attention to each of those moments & stepping beyond our comfort zone.

Till Monday, have a great weekend!


Quote of the day: "There's nothing wrong with a little comfort to help you relax. It's always a fine servant, but a very bad master."

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