Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Being Yourself

We've talked a lot in the last few months about change.  Being the change in the world & changing your life to bring more joy into your life.  We've also discussed the steps to follow to reconnect with your soul & your divine purpose.  The challenge we all face in this fast paced world is being true to ourselves.  There is a great deal of pressure in this world to be what others want us to be...."The perfect employee"....."The perfect spouse" sometimes these pressures are from within ourselves.  We feel we have to be the best at everything or we're not good enough.

Regardless of the motivation these pressures can be a lot to handle no matter how experienced you are at the practices we've talked about in this blog.  The bottom line for me is to be comfortable with who you are.  What does this mean to me?  It means to be able to look at who you truly are & be that person regardless of the pressures & people that are around you.  I know that this is much more difficult then it sounds because it took me many years to feel good about who I am. The first step is simply that, be comfortable with who you are. 

This means taking the time to forgive yourself for all the past mistakes you've made & then accepting yourself knowing you're not perfect for who you are right now.  Once you get past this point then the next step is to feel secure enough with who you are to be that person in any situation.  This can be very tough because we are all social creatures to a large extent & we tend to adapt to the company we have. 

The bottom line is, that as with many of the things we've discussed here, it all starts from within.  Be happy with who you are, let your light shine outward into this great & beautiful world.  It's our uniqueness that makes this world a wonderful place to be.  Let go of the fear of rejection & be true to yourself.  You are a divine creation created by a divine being.  You are loved unconditionally by God/universe for who you are.  Accept who you are & be yourself.

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Quote of the day: "One of the toughest things in this world is to be yourself.  You are a divine creation be a light for the world!"

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