Monday, April 12, 2010

The Truth behind the Lies

Why do we lie to ourselves? Do we actually think we can fool our true selves? So many of us are afraid of the truth especially when it's the truth about ourselves. We walk through our lives telling ourselves lies over & over again. The truth is we know the answers. In fact we know the answers to everything if we allow them to come to us.

Do the lies ever really work for you? For me there's times in the short term that telling myself a lie works. It's especially true when I'm doing something physical....I can make it to the top of the next hill. I can lift that box. But these lies aren't the lies I'm talking about. I'm talking about the lies we tell ourselves everyday. The lies we choose to believe because it's easier then facing the truth.

The real truth is that we deny ourselves the chance for growth every time we lie to ourselves. Many times the lie we tell ourselves is directed by the EGO. The EGO will tell us over & over again that xyz is what we need to be happy & when we're not happy after getting xyz it tells us it's because we need abc. The EGO tries over & over again to keep us away from our true self, why? Because it's afraid it won't be satisfied right now if we follow our true self.

The truth is that even the EGO will be satisfied if we listen & follow our true self. The EGO is afraid of everything that's not instant gratification but it will find joy when we are truly satisfied. It will still want more from time to time because that's how the EGO works, but it will find a state bliss that it's never known when it allows the true self to take over.

Stop lying to yourself, be honest & discover your true self. Find what will bring you true bliss, let go of the EGO & face the truth! I realize that sometimes this can be hard. We have to admit to ourselves that we're not perfect, that we don't always have the answer & that we're not always right. But it is through this truth that we will learn & grow. For realizing that we all make mistakes & we're all imperfect is the truth that will set us free.

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Quote of the day:"Stop lying to yourself & discover the truth that will set you free!"

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Frank Dickinson said...


I like to comment, because you always write good stuff!

The old adage that "Honesty is always the best policy" is SO very true when it comes to being honest with ourselves.

Self honesty is a freeing thing. It frees our minds to listen to that inner voice that has what's best for us at hand.

It frees our intentions so that they can be pure and not jaded by self doubt and negative self talk.

It frees our conscience so that it can hear they beautiful things the Universe has in store for us.

Honesty is one of the truths that set us free.

Great stuff my friend!

Kristen said...

Thanks for sharing! We do need to be honest with ourselves. We need to realize that we are not perfect and that we will make mistakes in this world. That is just one of the many reasons why God died on the cross for us! Through His death, we don't have to be perfect. And when we make mistakes we are forgiven. Therefore, when we make mistakes, we must not dwell on the negative. We need to accept it and move on. Think positive and we will get positive results.

Anonymous said...


Renee Keefe said...

i used to lied to myself alooottt.. not because i dont want to face the truth but because is was easier for me to handle my emotion when i said "everything will be okay renee, u can get through this one renee".. until one day, i saw myself crying without knowing why..