Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Love in the workplace

(no it's not what you think)

Let's face it we spend a lot of time at our jobs. For some of us we spend more time at work then anywhere else in our waking hours. So how do we change the relationships we have with the people we work with?

As many of you know I believe love is the answer to everything in our life. If we can learn to love ourselves first & allow that love to flow outward to the rest of the world, amazing things can happen. But can we truly love the people we work with? The answer is a resounding YES!!

Changing any relationship in your life is never easy. We get entrenched in the pattern we've established in our relationships & because we"know" the other person so well we're quick to label them. This labeling in fact will only create more of the same behavior. What we put out we will get back!! & this is especially true in relationships.

Things get even more complicated with our work relationships. There is so much EGO involved in our workplace that moving beyond the EGO becomes increasingly difficult. We compete with others for recognition, promotions & bonuses. This competition is every much EGO based. So how do we move beyond the EGO & into a place of love?

It all begins with you, if you change the way you interact with the people you work with the relationships will begin to change. Remember that everyone in your work environment is trying the best they can. This "trying" may not be up to your standards but they are trying. I know there is always a few people who try to coast through life doing as little as possible but unless we're their boss we're not here to judge them. Let go of the need to judge others, Let go of the need to always be right & your relationships will improve.

If we treat people with love & compassion we will improve every relationship in our life including our relationship with the people we work with. Take time to center yourself in love & let go of your past patterns with everyone you work with. By changing the relationships in your life & spreading more love, your world will become a more joyful place.

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Quote of the day:"Let go of the old patterns you've created in your work relationships. Open your heart to love & compassion & discover more joy in your life."

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