Monday, April 26, 2010


I've always loved puzzles, from the earliest time I can remember I always loved solving them. Throughout my work career I've been able to continue figuring out ways to make things happen. Several of my ex-bosses would be amazed at the way I get from point A to B. I don't think the same logical way that everyone else thinks. I can, but normally I don't because the "normal" solutions have already been tried & not gotten the results that were needed. This is especially true with computer issues, if I'm allowed to "play" I can usually figure out a way to make something work.

That hasn't been the case for the last week. My desktop computer had some major issues & after a week of trying to "solve" them I finally gave up. What does this have to do with this blog? Everything!! We all face puzzles in our life & how we deal with them can set the tone for the rest of our life. Don't allow yourself to let the puzzle turn you negative. I worked very hard to try & figure out what was going on the past week & although I got frustrated in not being able to figure it out, I never got upset. What I did was try & learn from what was going on.

This is my approach to everything that's a challenge or a puzzle in my life. Learn from what's going on in my life. The next step for me is to let go of the puzzle & allow the answer to come to me. Many times in my life I would only solve a difficult situation by getting away from it. I might be doing something completely different & the answer to the puzzle will come to me. This is the way God/universe works. The harder we try to get a solution to the puzzle the more difficult it can be to find that solution. But, if we allow ourselves to let go of the need to solve the solution, God/universe will send us the answer at the most unique times. It's in this detachment that everything God/universe has for us will be realized.

Detachment is one of the most difficult lessons any of us can learn. I have learned this the hard way at times in my life. I have "made" things happen that later didn't turn out the way I thought they should & I've learned that if I detach from the results the answer that comes is always better.

Allow yourself the time to let go of the need for the solution to the puzzle in your life. Let God/universe assist you by opening your heart & truly listening. Every puzzle has a solution & how we decide to discover that solution shapes the rest of our life. Don't be afraid to ask God/universe for help with the puzzles in your life. Then detach from the results & the answer will appear. Enjoy life through detachment & find the joy you've been looking for.

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Quote of the day: "We all face "puzzles" in our life. Detach from the solution & allow God/universe to help & you will discover a more joyful life!!"

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Anonymous said...

Great analogy Bill. I envision the journey of consciousness as one giant 3D jigsaw puzzle. As we work out our lessons in our area of the puzzle, others are working out other areas as we create a whole in the growth and experience of developing consciousness. I envision 3D because of the complexities and also the room for empty space, another aspect of existence.