Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Releasing Anger

I've learned in my life to let go of anger. Sometimes it can be difficult especially when life sends you some challenging situations. I had one of those challenging situations yesterday & it showed me how far I've been able to come in my life.

Many of you know that over the past couple of months I've been helping my friend out with his business. He's a great guy & I'm happy to help him while I'm looking for work. As I usually do I went up to his place yesterday, the day went well & I got everything caught up for him with his books. A few minutes before I was ready to go I hear an employee of his calling my name, saying come quickly. This employee tells me that my truck just got run into from a truck hauling a doublewide trailer. My truck was just parked on the street in a legal parking spot.

I went out & checked the damage. It wasn't too bad but I haven't been in an accident in a long time. I could of gotten really upset when the truck driver came back to talk to me about it. But I chose to take the high road. I made a decision that even though he crushed part of my truck it was still drivable & I was certain it would be fixed.

The policeman who came within a few minutes, even commented to me; "You're taking this really well". I said; "Things happen, I'm sure he didn't mean to hit my truck." The policeman then said to the truck driver; "How are you doing?" & the truck driver responded "I was better before this". I finished the exchange by saying to the truck driver; "Don't worry about it, things happen & it's not a big deal." He actually smiled at me.

So what's point of this story? The point is we always have choices in our life regardless of the situation. We can choose to get angry & be consumed by the negative emotions that surround us or we can choose to find peace in the situation & help others to get through it. In the past I wouldn't have always chosen to take the high road, as I've written before I use to have a very bad temper. But through lots of self work I've learned to move beyond the anger & take the high road in life. You can do it too!! Not just with anger but with any negative emotion. You can learn to let it go & move back to a place of peace & love.

Life is too short to allow negative emotions to take over your life. Allow yourself to feel what you're feeling & then let that emotion go & return to love. No matter how angry you get now at the littlest things, you can move beyond to a better place!! I believe in you & I know the process works because I've done it myself. Let go of the anger & discover more joy!!

Till tomorrow,


Quote of the day:"By letting go of anger & moving back to a place of peace & love, you will discover more joy in every moment of your life."

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Duane Scott said...

Good lessons to learn.

"Things Happen."

Gonna remember that. :)

Renee Keefe said...

agree with u bill.. things happen whether we like it or not, anger will lead us nowhere, but peace will lead us to happiness..


TirzahLaughs said...

Being nice isn't always the wisest choice legally but it does make it less dramatic though.