Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Do you have animals in your life?  A dog,cat,bird,hampster or any other animal?  Animals add so much to our lives & our connection with them goes much further back then any of us can imagine. Man has been connected to animals from the very beginning of time & this connection fills an important part of our heart.  For many of us having an animal in our life is our only connection to nature.  This natural connection is something that you can find great comfort in.

Heidi & I have two Australian Cattle dogs; Sydney who's almost 9 & Adelaide who is between 8 1/2 & 9.  We adopted both of them from local shelters, which I highly recommend.  There are so many animals looking for a good home.

They add so much to our lives; in animals we find compassion & unconditional love.  We are also able to laugh at their odd behaviors. They bring so much joy to our lives.  I believe that there's nothing better then the love from an animal & all they truly want is love in return.

To me this connection with nature is an important part of our true nature.  I believe many of us have lost our connection to nature.  we can find great peace in the quiet of nature & the beauty we find in the outdoors can fill our souls & help us to grow in our lives.

The American Indians believed that if we lost this connection with nature there was truly no reason to live.  They also believed that every animal that enters your life has a message or a reason to be there.  A wonderful book that explains the meaning behind the animals that enter your life is "Animal-Speak" by Ted Andrews.

Reconnect with the animals in your life.  Find the quiet of nature & the pure love of the animals around you.  Through these connections you can find a more joyful life.

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Quote of the day: "There is nothing in the world like the unconditional love of the animals in your life."

My next video blog is now available on Youtube.  I hope you'll take a look I've called it "Love-letting go of excuses".  http://bit.ly/52wJTw

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture. I'm your first follower! :) Look forward to reading more!

Janet said...

I love that book "Animal Speaks" I use it all the time. I keep track of the animals that come in my dreams and that cross my path in an obvious way. I love that line:
"The American Indians believed that if we lost this connection with nature there was truly no reason to live"
What a great reminder to go outside and be rejuvinated by nature. By the way I love this new place for your blog. Alot easier and attractive.

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Marty for all your help & encouragement to come over here.

Janet thanks for your kinds words. I've always had an incredible connection with animals so I hope to be able to share that connection with everyone else to hlep them learn & grow from everything around them.

Sally Lee™ said...

Dearest friend:

Your blog looks fabulous! The main picture is beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. Great job, as always.