Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dealing with Fear

One of the most difficult & complex things we can deal with in our lives is fear.  I wrote previously about dealing with the fear of the unknown.  With that fear it's a battle with yourself of being more open & accepting.  Most of what we imagine is going to happen in our life will never happen, so if we continue to stay open & accepting we will move through most of our imagined fear to a better life.

What about all of our other fears?  What is truly holding you back in your life?  This is more complex. To understand the basis of fear can be difficult & to move past the fears we have can be very hard.  I am not a doctor & I don't pretend to have all the answer on this issue.  I personally have very few fears in my life I've always been able to rationalize my way through anything that would hold me back from achieving a better life. Although for a longtime I was afraid of not being good enough (if your dealing with this look back at the blog I wrote on it).

So what is fear?  Fear is an irrational reaction to an event or a thing in our life.  I say irrational because most fear that is holding us back is something we've created & is based on the fear of the unknown.  What I mean by this is that we create the emotional reaction to something that we perceive as being fearful without really knowing why we should be afraid of it.  Now I'm not talking about life & death situations, in those there is a fear that is very rational & has a true basis in fact.  What I'm talking about is the fears we've created in our lives.  Most of these fears are connected to an emotional event at sometime in our lives.  I have written before about moving through these old emotion connections.  To me fear is the same thing.

We know now that the brain can be rewired no matter how deep the connections are to an event or an emotional response.  So, if this is true, what we need to do is take the time to understand the basis of the fear.  Why are you afraid of dogs?  Maybe when you were 2 years old a dog bit you or barked very loudly in your face.  Then this "fear" was reinforced by your parents saying over & over again..."oh she's afraid of dogs don't bring that dog over here" or they would pull you away every time you got close to dogs.  This is how a fear is created...through this repetition & the way to get past it is to re-pattern the reaction you have.

This is true regardless of the fear, if you can understand the basis of the fear & then re-associate the fear with good things you will rewire your brain & remove the fear from your life.

The bottom line is to live a more joyful/positive life you need to let go of the fears in your life.  You need to open your heart to joy & release the things that are holding you back, including your fears.

Till Monday, I hope you have a great weekend.


Quote of the day: "Release the fears you have in your life.  Open your heart to the joy you find in each moment."

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