Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Music the most universal connection to our true self.  Yes, it's true music is the easiest way for anyone to connect to their true self.  Yesterday we discussed Inspiration & how important it is to find your true inspiration.  Music is a great way to discover what inspires you.  Beyond that music is a way to get in touch with who you are.

Over the past several months we've talked about many issues that hold us back from discovering more joy in your life.  Many of you have asked me how to move beyond the issues you've had to deal with in your life & I've written many blogs on the various issues & how to let them go to find a more joyful life. Overall, to move beyond any of the issues that are holding you back in your life, you need to understand the underlying emotions that are still connected to  current  things happening  in your life.  What do I mean by this?  If every time someone raises there voice to you, you cower in the corner (or at least in your mind you do).  The way to move beyond this reaction is to understand the emotional connection you have to someone raising their voice.  Once you understand where this feeling comes from you can release the emotional attachment & reconnect that event (someone raising their voice) to different reaction.  The mind is a wonderful thing & it can relearn anything.  If you take the time to reconnect these emotions to a more positive reaction & you work on doing this over & over again.  You will replace the negative reaction with a more positive one.

So what does music have to do with this process.  Music is one of the few things that truly transcends time & space.  When you hear a song that has meaning to you, you are instantly transported to the time & place you first heard it.  In fact many times, without any effort, you can feel exactly the emotions you had at that time.  So, if you allow yourself to feel all the emotional connections in your life you are then able to let go of the emotions that hold you back in your life.

The self discovery that music can help you with can be an amazing journey.  Allow yourself to feel the way the music makes you feel.  Understand what the emotional connection is & through this process rediscover who you truly are.  By letting go of the emotions that are holding you back & rewiring them to a more positive/joyful connection in your daily life, you can have a more joyful life.

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Quote of the day: "Music can transcend time & space & lead you to true self discovery.  Allow music in your life & discover who you truly are."

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