Monday, December 7, 2009

Being Flexible

How flexible are you in your life?  Do you adapt well to changes in your plans?  In the past we've talked about change & how many of us fight change tooth & nail.  We do this because the comfort of our "normal" life to a large extend is intoxicating & although it may not be exactly what we want, we know it.  There is a great fear in dealing with change in many peoples lives.  This fear can limit our growth & lock us into a life that really doesn't have much joy.

So how does flexibility help us?  I believe strongly in goals, I personal set goals for many things in my life to help me clarify my intentions & to have something to head towards.  The difference for me is that I remain flexible with my goals because to me, life is about living & enjoying the moment your in.  Enjoying this moment can mean that your goals & intentions change or better yet you feel like they should change.  I think many of us become so rigid that even when something doesn't feel right anymore we continue to pursue it anyway.  We do this often because of our EGO, remember the EGO always wants to be the best.  It always wants the quickest solution & is only satisfied for a moment until it wants more.  So many of us hang onto our goals even if it doesn't feel right anymore simply for the satisfaction of saying "See I did this".

For me what's always worked best is to set these goals firmly after much reflection in all aspects of my life & then to adapt & change them as I go through my life.  There is a caution here, it's easy to become so flexible that you lose sight of what you truly want.  You may have a goal in your life that is fulfilling & something that is your life's mission & the flexibility can actually take you away from that life's purpose.  This happens because things occur in your life & as these things occur we are offered choices for the next step. These steps can leads us further & further away from our life's purpose & sometimes before we know it 20 years have gone by. We look at our life & realize we've never been able to do what we know is our life's mission.

So being flexible is important because it's through adapting that we can find great growth but be careful to always take time to reassess where you are & where you want to be.  If you take this time to connect with your soul & to continue to understand your true life's purpose being flexible will actually lead you closer to where you want to be.  Being rigid will only limit your grow & will take you further away from anything that's important in your life.  Remember that throughout our journey of this life God/universe always gives us signs that we are on the right path & helps us to move towards our life's purpose.  It's up to us to stay connected to our soul & to God/universe, as long as we take the time to stay connected & remain flexible with what God/universe sends us we will find joy in every moment of our lives!

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Quote of the day: "Remain flexible in your life & God/universe will conspire with you to create joy in every moment."

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Anonymous said...

I think I needed to read this today. I'm thinking about making a move to a different state and taking a job offer there, but haven't had the guts to do it. I must keep praying to find the Lord's leading, but I need to get self out of the way! Thanks!