Thursday, December 10, 2009

Who Am I?

One of the most difficult questions any of us have to answer is; "Who am I?" that question is usually followed up with "Why am I here?". Many of us spend a lifetime trying to figure out the answers to these questions and some other's of us avoid these questions at all costs. Where do you fall in this spectrum?

For me the journey to get to know myself was a very difficult one. As I mentioned earlier in this blog I didn't like myself to much when I was younger. This was mostly because my Dad made me feel like nothing I could do was good enough. I wrote a wonderful blog about "not feeling good enough". I would recommend you give it a read if you are having this issue (I've moved all my old blogs over here). Once I got past the this feeling of not being good enough, I started to explore who I really was & what was important to me.

This process took me many years & a lot of thought & reflection. The truth is that although I've been writing this blog for almost 6 months now giving you tips to improve your life and all of these tips are things that I've used or had to work my way through in my life. The only way you can truly change your life is to take the time to get to know yourself. There may be things you discover that you don't like about yourself, that's ok. You need to discover these things to move past them. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you've made in your life. Remember the past is the past & you can't change any of it. So, forgive yourself & move beyond the things that you don't like about yourself. By moving past these issues you can begin to discover who you truly are.

In the world today we are always looking for the quick fix. We want the easy way out of everything. Discovering who are isn't something to shortcut. You need to take whatever time it takes to love yourself. Without having the ability to love yourself you can never fully love someone else. We need to have love to give love.

Once you truly know who you are & love yourself even with all your blemishes. You can begin to explore the question of "Why am I here?". This again can be a life long quest & the true answer may never be revealed to you but by taking time to explore this question, you are already on the correct path.

I personally struggle with this question. I know what I feel in my heart but whether I can actually make a living doing it is another large question. Sometimes we have to fill our souls with our true purpose without it being our job. That's ok as long as you find your fulfillment somewhere. For me currently this blog has been a great fulfillment for my soul.

Don't get discouraged, remember that the time you take on yourself is always the most important time you can spend.

Till tomorrow,


Quote of the day: "Do you know who you are? Take the time to discover yourself & you will lead a more joyful life."

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Sally Lee™ said...

I love today's post. Figuring out who you really are is a long and sometimes painful process, but well worth the effort. It is really easy to get discouraged sometimes, so thanks for today's pep talk!

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Marie, I appreciate the comment as always. Finding ourselves is never easy & in this fast paced world I think it's even more difficult. Everyone's afraid to take time for themselves because there's to much other "stuff" to be done. The time you take for you though is the greatest investment you can make in your future.

It's never a time to worry just a time for more exploration & an acknowledgement of the courage it took to get to where you are.