Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It begins with the closing of my eyes. I slowly drift between reality & another world. Sometimes I pause at this in-between place where I can still hear the sounds of reality but the beauty that's waiting for me continues to call me deeper. Slowly, ever so slowly I drift off to my new reality the place of my dreams. Often my dreams start with a walk through a garden. I smell the beauty of nature as I continue my decent into the reality of my dreams.

Dreams are an amazing thing. Something we all do. In fact if we didn't dream we'd actually go insane. There's a lot of research that's been done on the meaning of our dreams & I've read several books on their interpretation. Dreams, for me, are one of our easiest connections to our true self if we can move beyond the noise of the day.

The natural process of dreaming is to digest the day & make sense of it. The mind uses this process to quiet our fears or to make them bigger. We feel our raw emotions when we dream & it's through that connection that we can find our true self. Dreams can be self-directed to some extent but in my experience this direction only lasts a short period of time. Once you've fallen into a deep sleep it's very difficult to direct your dreams because your conscious mind let's go & allows your sub-conscious mind to take over. The wonderful thing about the sub-conscious mind is that it is much more preceptive than the conscious mind & therefore through dreams we can discover the signs we are looking for in our life that were previously overlooked.

The biggest challenge many people have with their dreams is actually remembering them. The average person only remembers a small percentage of their dreams each morning & the further they move away from waking up the less of those dreams they actually remember. The best remedy for remembering your dreams is to leave a notebook on your nightstand so that you can write down your dreams as soon as you wake up.

The interpretation of specific dreams is beyond what I can write here, if you're truly interested I would suggest picking up several of the dream interpretation books. One of my favorites is: "The Dream Encyclopedia" by James R. Lewis. I would caution you in that some of the explanations for dreams vary from book to book so take what they say with a grain of salt. What's important to me is to understand the depth of your perception of events that occur in your life. You have a deep meaningful connection with everything around you & through your dreams you can begin to understand that connection.

Trust in your dreams for they have signs & meanings that need to be explored. Begin to keep track of each of your dreams & you'll discover the steps you need to follow to bring more joy into your life.

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Quote of the day:"Dreams have deep meanings beyond our conscious mind that will uncover the path to true joy & the true connection to our self."

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Anahid said...

I fall into the category of people who rarely remember their dreams. Most of the time I wake up with no recollection of what I dreamt of, so it feels like I had no dreams at all. But I know that's not true because we do dream each night. I've never been too big on the whole interpretation aspect of dreams though. Do you believe that every dream has some sort of meaning?

Mansi said...

Thanks for this post, Bill. I think one can interpret a lot from one's dreams if one is in close touch with oneself. To know oneself truly, one needs to introspect and be honest. Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll certainly check it out.
Your posts are always so inspirational -- they truly take me on a journey to joy. I know Anahid has already nominated you for the Sunshine Award, but just because she beat me to it, I couldn't not. So here is my salute to your inspirational thoughts and writing.

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Mansi, I wrote a comment on your blog but your words have touched my heart & I appreciate them.



P.S. Anahid as you know I answered your question on FB...hugs

Aine Butler-Smith said...

Great post Bill, I have been interpreting dreams as part of my counseling/healing practice and teaching interpretation of dreams for nearly two decades now. I offer free interpretations and a dream dictionary at my website so that others can learn to do this practice for themselves. I agree, that one needs to learn to read the guidance from within for themselves.

alma wad said...

WE like telling about our dreams to each other . We are a dream teller family . This tradition goes fifty years back when my villager grandma saw a dream which came true in every small details within some hours .You can read more about it .
also once my teen daughter had a warning dream about my pregnancy and about the foetus which was in danger .. first I was just laughing " i am not pregnant - i am sure" then I started to be upset and saw a doctor and the baby was saved - my big daughter got a little brother ...dreaming is life saving !

Marty Duane said...

I wish I could say that my dreams begin like yours do, but normally mine are nightmares of some sort.

I found this post interesting...