Tuesday, March 30, 2010

True Love

Do you believe in true love? Do you think we each have a soul mate? Is there only one "right" person for each of us? I've contemplated these questions often in my life. I believe strongly in love but I've always believed that many people confuse love with infatuation. There is a natural high that comes from meeting someone new & going through the process of getting to know them. Far to often we believe this is love when in fact it's just infatuation.

I'm not here to say that love at first site can't ever happen but in actuality love at first site is more of a physical attraction then a deeper truer love. We all have many people who come & go in our life. Of these people there will be several that we feel a connection to. Usually these people will become our friends. The connection that we feel with others can be very complex. I believe that anyone we feel connected to reaches beyond our EGO & into our soul. This "soul" connection can lead to some very deep & meaningful relationships.

The people that we truly connect to in a deep meaningful way can make a huge difference in our life. If we're lucky we may find a handful of these people that can really make a difference in our life.

The feeling you get from these connections is far beyond the casual comfortable feeling we get with acquaintances & in some religions there is belief that the people we have these deep meaningful relationships with, have been apart of our life before & they are here to show us the way to a better life. What you believe isn't important, what's important is finding these connections.

Out of these few connections we may find true love. Love at this deep level takes time to cultivate & grow. When we actually take the time love will grow deeper then we can ever imagine. We can in fact find true love or a soul mate but it takes work to move beyond our EGO & make the true "soul" connection that can bring us beyond ourselves.

Relationships no matter how deep they are take work to continue them. This is because of the EGO. We forget about the deep meaningful connection we have with people because the EGO wants xy&z & if it's not getting it from the people in our life it looks elsewhere. In every part of our life we battle the EGO but it's no more prevalent then in relationships. Take time with the people you love, open your heart & listen. Let go of your superficial needs & find the connection of a lifetime. Discover true love & your life will never be the same.

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Quote of the day:"True love is a deep connection between the souls of two people. Remove your EGO & discover the connection of a lifetime."

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lena said...

I believe in true love and that we have one soul mate. But i also believe it takes a lot of hard work to make things work. That is why some love stories are short stories.

Renee said...

for me:
love = works of understanding..
if we cant understand what we want then we probably cant understand what others want from us..
and i do believe that there's one person out there just for me and me just for him and we will share out heartbeat in worst and happy moment of our lives..


Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Bill

Quite a complex topic to write on..but well compiled!

~ For me LOVE is an emotional attachment..where we accpet the other person beyound the differences and the thing that are bothering!You just love..for no reasons and love as all reasons fell in right place:)

Beautiful post as always:)
~Keep the spark Alive..

Bwt: you have been TAGED in my lattest post RAINBOW7shades:) Join in!

Anonymous said...

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