Monday, March 1, 2010

The Olympic Spirit

Do you enjoy watching the Olympics? Do you get into all the competition? I've always enjoyed the Olympics. I can remember watching them from the time I was very small. I was always very involved in sports when I was growing up & to me the Olympics were the ultimate sporting event. I dreamed more about being in the Olympics then playing professional sports. After enjoying the Olympics for the last 16 days & seeing the U.S. win more medals then any country has ever won in the winter Olympics. I started to think about what I truly like about the Olympics.

Yes, I enjoy the competition & I enjoy watching the joy in the athletes faces when they win or even when they do better than they thought they would do. The wonderful heart warming stories of how they were able to overcome adversity in their life to make it to the top of their sport. Yes, I enjoy all of this but the more I thought about the Olympics the more I thought about the spirit of the Olympics.

It's in that spirit that the world pauses for a few weeks every 2 years & just enjoys the coming together of people from all over the world. It's a sharing of a common event....a true shared experience. All the walls come down between the athletes & between all the people attending the events. It's in this spirit of letting go of our differences that we change the world.

So many of us put up walls to keep others out of our lives. We close our mind & our heart to only let people in who think like we do. We become entrenched in what we think we want or need in our life. The Olympics show us that we can come together & work for a better world for all.

Keep the spirit of cooperation in your heart alive. Reach out to people who are different then you. Open your mind to the love you have in your heart. Let the walls of protection dissolve away & discover that truly we are all the same. Believe in people & discover the love we all have inside.

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Quote of the day:"Keep the spirit of the Olympics in your heart everyday. Open your heart to everyone who enters your life."

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Bernadine said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everybody could carry the spirit of the Olympics with them always? So many things would be so different.

I too love the Olympics and the competition, watching the sport, and the wonderful pride that you can see from each country.

This is so true, "Reach out to people who are different then you. Open your mind to the love you have in your heart. Let the walls of protection dissolve away & discover that truly we are all the same."

And I truly believe that the more that we reach out to others, especially those who are different, the richer we become as our own person too!

I always enjoy your writing Bill, thanks for another lovely and thought provoking post.

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Bernadine, I was appreciate your support & lovely comments. I think it's hard for people to stretch beyond their own little bubble. There's so much to learn & so many wonderful people to meet outside what we consider our comfort zone.



Healing Morning said...

This reminded me of my own Olympic blog post a few weeks ago. I'm sad to bid farewell to these Games, as they're always that special energy and moment out of time. Looking forward to the next Summer Olympic Games in 2012! I am certain that the earth received a benediction of energy and spirit from these recent Games and we will all reap those benefits.

Thanks for a happy post, Bill!

~ Dawn

Canyn said...

Awesome point of view, Bill. The Olympics are about cooperation more than competition. I enjoyed the games, too. Going through a little withdrawal now...Regular tv seems too dull to watch!