Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Have you ever felt lost or disconnected in your life? Have there been times where nothing seems to go right? Dealing with the feeling of being lost or disconnected can be challenge. The truth is the more we fight to try to reconnect with our life, the more we push ourselves away.

When I was younger I thought I had the answer to everything. I was always fairly bright & I could figure out a way to make anything happen in my life. Life seemed to be easy. Unfortunately the truth was that in the end I was always disappointed. I never thought about the kind of life I wanted to live. I just went through life grabbing what I thought would make me feel better & more connected.

The truth is I was lost within my own life. I would will something to happen & do whatever was needed to make sure it did happen. Then I would wake up & realize that this "thing" that I willed into my life wasn't what I wanted at all. I was disconnected from God/universe & at the time I had no idea how to get reconnected. I didn't even really know or understand that there was a connection I needed to find in my life.....remember I thought I knew everything!

My life became a cycle of things going really well & then a crash would occur where nothing went right at all. During these times I felt helpless & truly disconnected/lost in my life.

Finally as I began to grow in my knowledge of myself & of the true connection I have with God/universe. I began to understand that I was never alone at all. I was only disconnected from my Source. This disconnection is very empty feeling and I hope you'll never have to feel it.

So how do we move beyond this feeling of being disconnected/lost? First we need to realize that many us walk through our life in a fog. Never truly even knowing what we really want. This fog, to a large extent, is caused by the EGO. The EGO wants comfort & always believes that if we get the "next" thing life will be better. Sometimes the EGO even believes that if we get the next thing (job, car, house, etc) we will actually be happy. This is the lie of the EGO, as long as we are searching for happiness outside of ourselves we'll never find it! Happiness isn't that great job or house, etc. Happiness is a state of being not the world around us.

The connection we all want in our life is the connection with our true self which I call the soul. Once you've made that connection in your life, your life will be amazing! The hard work is to love yourself & take the time to feel this connection. There are several ways to do this but for me it always begins with being quiet. There's way to much noise in our lives today & we are very easily distracted. We need to take time to look inside & listen. When you take this time everyday your life will be much more fulfilling & you will always be able to reconnect with your soul no matter what you're facing in your life.

Find your path to a better life today. Reconnect with your true self & discover the joy in being connected to everything.

I'm off to the Smoky's for a few days, thanks to a nice tax refund. If any of you are in the area...let me know maybe we can connect. I'll be traveling tomorrow so I won't be able to write a blog. I hope you all have a great rest of your week.



Quote of the day:"Whenever you feel lost in your life, take the time to reconnect with your true self (soul) & discover that you are truly connected to everything."

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Just Renee said...

OMG... I'm lost.. hehehee.. I think we all been there.. being lost, even for once, that's what direct us to the right path.. what's bad is when u know u are lost and u still keep on going that way.. I knew someone like that, and i cant do anything to help coz her ego telling her that she did the right thing or take the right path.. god bless her..

happy wednesday..

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling.. I know this song isn't religious, but the words always seem to make me feel better. Read them for yourself.

One of my all time favorites!

TirzahLaughs said...

Getting what you want is easy. Figuring out what you want is so hard.

I feel lost most of the time. I'm going somewhere, but where?