Thursday, March 18, 2010


I read a post by my friend Marty Duane the other day about his first experience camping. In the story he described how a big rain storm came & flooded the tent. This story reminded me that we all face storms in our lives. These storms could be anything and our natural tendency when we face a storm in our life is to hunker down & hide. This is especially true when things just aren't going our way. We tend to get caught up in the negative energy around us & become more & more negative ourselves.

Negative energy that is surrounding us by situations beyond our control or negative people that for the time being are in our life are difficult to deal with. It takes a lot of practice to move beyond the negative in our life. One of the things I always remember when facing a storm in my life is a very simple phrase..."This too shall pass". No matter how bad the storm is in our life, no storm lasts forever.

When we're caught in the middle of a storm it's difficult to remember that this storm will end. We feel in the moment that in fact it will never end & we lose all hope for a better tomorrow. Sometimes, as with nature, storms are needed to help us grow. The lessons we learn from the storms in life may not always be easy but we will move beyond them to a better tomorrow.

Everyday is a precious gift & if we begin each day anew today could be the start of the life you always wanted. Today could be the end of the storm you're facing in your life right now. Today can be anything you want it to be! It's all up to you, you have the power to make anything happen in your life. Believe in yourself & remember no matter how difficult it is right now....this too shall pass.

Have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday.


Quote of the day:"Today you have the opportunity to move beyond the storms you're facing in your life. Look at each day as a new beginning & discover the joy in each moment."

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lena said...

You know one of my favorite quotes is "Do not wait for the storm to pass, learn how to dance in rain". Whoever said it was indeed a very wise person. We should appreciate what we have, and learn to find joys even in the worst situations. It is not that simple, but it is also not impossible.

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Lena & I agree with you. I love that quote as well but we do also have to find a way to move past the storms not just enjoy them.



Marenee Ariestya Keefe said...

I love the storm.. I think of it as a God's way to tell us how powerful he/she is.. and we should respect him/her... huhuhuuu...

happy weekend


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, and it was very interesting to read this post.

I wish I could get to the place where I felt comfortable with a storm, but maybe we never will.

I always panic in my spiritual life, and say, "Will God never bring the sun?"

But somehow, He always does.