Monday, March 22, 2010


In honor of the NCAA tournament that began this past week. I thought we'd discuss rebounding. Do you rebound from situations? Can you bounce back & go back up?

The truth about the word rebounding is there are good & bad meanings in the word. Like so many things in nature, we need the balance to understand the contrast. To begin we'll discuss the positive side of rebounding.

Often in life things don't go the way we planned them. Sometimes we're knocked down by others or by the circumstances of our life. It takes true resilience to pick yourself up & continue on when things don't go the way we want them to. As with rebounding in a basketball game, it takes strength, preparation & a strong base to be able to snag that rebound. In life we need to possess the ability to move beyond adversity. We need to have the strength to pick ourselves up & continue our journey forward. This strength comes from our strong base which is our connection to God/universe & therefore our connection to everything. Trust in this connection & no matter what happens you'll find the strength to continue on.

Life isn't always easy. The truth is even when we practice living in joy we can encounter difficulties in our life. These difficulties are often things we need to learn in our life to grow & move forward but it's extremely difficult to move past these times when we're in the middle of them. Trust in God/universe. Trust in your practice & trust in yourself!! You can do anything if you believe in it!

Don't bury the pain & hurt accept it, learn from it & move beyond it. I know sometimes this is easier said than done but I know you can do it!!

Now, the negative side of rebounding is often finding a replacement for what you've lost in your life. This is especially true in relationships. We have a break-up or we lose someone that we loved & cared about, instead of reflecting on this loss & learning from it. We move onto another relationship to replace the relationship we just lost. This can be a cycle that's very difficult to move beyond & the truth is that we're hiding from ourselves. We don't want to take the time to deal with the loss because we're afraid of what we might find in ourselves that caused this to happen.

We may simply be afraid of being by ourselves period. I can relate to this because for many years when I was younger I didn't like to be by myself. I always wanted others around to talk to, to play with or to have fun with. The problem with this thinking is that we are always looking to someone else to bring us joy! The truth, as we've discussed before, is that the joy you are looking for has to come from within not from without. No matter how much you love someone else in your life they can't bring you happiness & joy. They can only contribute to the joy & happiness you already have. Discovering yourself & the joy & love you have inside is the pathway to a more joyful life. Believe in yourself move beyond the feeling of lack & you can do anything you want in your life.

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Quote of the day:"The ability to rebound from difficulties in your life is very important. Learn from the obstacles in your life, grow beyond the troubles & discover the joy in every moment!"

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Travelling Rants said...

Agree that to move forward one should have faith on him/her self, but some times u do need others to give you that motivation to move ahead

lena said...

I also agree that it all comes from within, and having people who care about you for support only adds to it. Sometimes it is thoughtough to figure out who cares unconditionally, so in the end you rely on yourself and a really few number of people.

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Rants & Lena, I appreciate the comments. I think it's always great to have the love & support of someone else in your life but many of the journey's we need to take the most is within ourselves to discover who we are & no one can truly help with that.