Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Flow of Life

I am always amazed at how God/universe works. I've written often about how any of us can create our own joy and how our thoughts control what happens in our life. Yesterday was the perfect example of that again for me. I won't go into all the detail of my day but whenever I come back from the Smoky's I have a fresh new energy. When I use that energy to set intentions wonderful things always happen to me.

I think all of us get worn down from time to time with the daily grind that we all go through. This daily grind wears down our spirit & sometimes it can leave us so drained that the intentions we have for our life don't have the energy to come into being.

We all need to take time to refresh ourselves. This can be a simple process of just taking a few minutes a day to reconnect with your soul (True self) or it can be a little getaway that will refresh your spirit. I take time everyday to be quiet & reconnect with my soul but sometimes in the busyness of life I don't connect as deeply as I do when I'm able to get away.

The next important aspect of setting your intentions is to let it go & detach yourself from the results. This can be the most challenging part of setting intentions. We all know what we want but for God/universe to work with us as a co-creators we need to set the intention & let go of the results. When you want something really badly it's hard to let go of the results.

Here's the process I use. I create an intention as I sit quietly. I Focus on my intention. I clearly state what I want to accomplished, then I release the thought & I am immediately grateful to God/universe for the help to make it happen. Once I release the thought I try not to think about it again until things start appearing in my life. When things start to appear in my life I am again grateful for everything that appears. This state of gratitude is the final step in having intentions become your reality.

There is a flow in life when things are working the way they should be. It's a great feeling to be in that state of "flow". Recharge your life, set your intentions, detach from the results & be grateful for everything that appears in your life. Do this everyday & you will have the life you could only dream of.

Till tomorrow,


Quote of the day:"Discover the limitless energy we all have inside. Use this energy to set your daily intentions & your life will know no limits!"

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Ana Goncalves said...

Dear Timberworld123,
That is indeed the treasure of existence in experience in the flow of life.
Thank you so much for sharing your own process, it makes it so much more fulfilling in this diverse and enchanting world we are in.
I am one of your readers.
I have many posts like your posts too. :)

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks for being a reader Ana I appreciate it & if you'll post your blog next time...I'll check it out!



Anonymous said...

Well said Bill, great reminder about remembering gratitude when we set our intentions.

Erana said...

It takes practice and patience, but I agree that it is the way to be. More and more, I'm learning to let go and not be attached...very liberating and sometimes scary.

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Aine, I appreciate your comment. Hugs

Thanks Erana, I appreciate your comment as well & yes learning the act of detachment can be a bit scary at times but in the long run it always the best way to be.



Sally Lee™ said...

Flow of life is right! My flow isn't flowing but by reading this it has energized me and assisted my focus. I believe that my struggle is in not detaching from the result...I'll work on this.

Thanks for your words of wisdom.


Anonymous said...

I agree, we do need to take the time to reconnect with & refresh our spirit. I guess it's kind of like recharging a battery, we all need to 're-energize' from time to time.

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Bill

Really Awesome thought and o well written..tat i almost forgot the present and sliped in the Nature your created!

Indeed...sometimes sitting quitely and perhaps being a bit lazy we cn notice the daily delights that the life perhaps the Nature offers:)

Loved your post!

Keep the Spark Alive..
Bwt: You have been tagged in my lattest post:

Canyn said...

Thank You so much, Bill. I can always use a refresher/reminder of how to manage my thoughts and feelings when it comes to manifesting my dreams. Sometimes I fall off the wagon, so to speak. This blog made me think of some advice I got many years ago from an old, old woman who didn't know anything about LOA. She said, "When you gives your troubles over to God, you can't be always tryin' to take 'em back!" I guess she was sort of on the right track.
I like your way better!