Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Earth

What are your feelings about the Earth? I mean beyond the fact that it's the place we call home. What do you really think? or have you thought at all about the Earth? The last few months have brought about a lot of crazy things happening on this little planet of ours. We have mega earthquakes in Haiti & Chile. We've had huge snowstorms for the east coast, record warm weather in Vancouver for the Olympics, flooding in Europe, Tsunami warnings throughout the Pacific & huge chunks of ice breaking off of Antarctica. Our planet is in peril.

So what are your thoughts? Many people believe the Earth is actually a living being on it's own & it's hurting from the way we are treating it. I know in my lifetime that things are changing, things just aren't right. I'm not trying to get into a deep political discussion here but I believe we all need to start to pay attention.

For me we all have a deep connection to the Earth. A connection that goes back to the beginning of the human race & even though generations have lived in large cities away from the land, I still believe that that connection is here for each of us.

Take time to reconnect with the Earth. There is a divinity in the connection we have with the Earth. Look to the traditions of our forefathers & the true spirit of the American Indians. Take time to just "be" in nature. The planet is depending on us!!

I believe in the human spirit. I think together we can do anything. Let's start today & do the right thing in all we do.

Till tomorrow,


Quote of the day:"Discover the beauty & majesty of this precious planet of ours. Reconnect with nature & rediscover the divinity of the Earth."

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lena said...

I believe Earth gives us strength and we have abandoned it for too long, so that we are not able to accept this strength. Guess we should reconsider the way we treat the Earth else we will become only weaker and weaker.

pr0udmom0f3 said...

As a nature-loving, recycling, peaceful soul...I thank you for this post.

I'm with you. Earth is hurting. He/she is trying to reclaim what is rightfully hers/his and telling us to start giving back more, instead of just taking.

Irma Kaye Sawyer said...

Hello Bill,
Thank you for your latest post. I absolutely believe the Earth is a living being. As an Spiritual intuitive, "Gaia" as actually spoken to me. It is wonderful that so many people are taking steps to create a greener and healthier planet.

Blessings to you,
Irma Kaye

Michelle said...

Hi Bill,

Interesting post :)

While I do not believe that the Earth is actually a living being on it's own as you point out that some do (I believe that it was created by a living, loving God for us to enjoy and care for), I share your concern for the disregard with which we often treat this beautiful gift.

I believe that it must make our Creator very sad that we do not appreciate it enough to "tend his garden".

Just my thoughts :)
I hope that you don't mind if I share my way of looking at it...even though it's a little different!


Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks to everyone for their comments I appreciate them. I try to stay positive here & I do think together we can change what's happening to our little planet...I appreciate each one of you.



Timberwolf123 said...


I welcome you here & I am always open to any point of view. I believe strongly in being inclusive in my life & loving in my heart so never worry about anything you want to say.



Tony Anders said...

I believe "something" is going on. "Something" is causing changes. Everything evolves in some way. Let's narrow this. If you have a chunk of land - your personal property on which you now live--- a pond of water,some living beings, and a handful of plants, and air to breathe. You must rely on this to survive; and you toss about refuse, disregard the purity and diminsihing abundance of the water, fill the atmosphere with toxins, and eliminate the flora and fauna, your yard would be a mess to say the least. Now multiply that by billions. Even if not in your yard, but in a majority of the neighbors...jus' sayin, the neighborhood would become a rough place to live. We are guests here and as with all "unruly" guests, eventually they are asked to leave or get kicked out if they don't shape up. Thanks as always for your thoughts!

Timberwolf123 said...

Tony, thanks for your lovely words as always. I believe the earth will move on without us if we continue or at least with less of us. Look at the history of this world & you see a planet that continues to survive regardless of what happens to it. The truth is I hope we just wake up & reconnect with the earth but if not....who knows.



Canyn said...

Hi Bill - I am concerned, also. I know the Earth has changed many times in the past, but I think we are affecting it now, too. Like you, I think we should stay in touch with the Earth the way we stay in touch with our bodies. It's just that we all need to do that together.

I hope I can catch up with Journey to Joy. I've been so busy with Mom and work. I miss you!
Namaste and Love to you, Dear Friend.

Sweetness said...

Hi Bill, I'm really touched knowing that there are many who do care for our "Mother Earth". Lately, I have been feeling the connection with her, because I have realized that everything she gives to us is invaluable; it is we who attach a price tag or destroy it. Undergoing treatment from a Naturopath for SSA(I have been diagnosed with SSA when I was 18 and now I will completing around 9 years with my fight against this ailment), I have come to understand how ignorant I have been towards Nature's beauty, bounty and Power! Reading your articles truly helps me to reflect on the core issues of life! Thank you Bill!