Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Peace, something we all strive for; "To bring more peace to the world". Is peace possible? Can little old me actually make a difference in the world? The answer to these questions are a resounding YES!!! The world can discover true peace once we all learn to find love. I've written before that love isn't something you should seek out. Love is something that begins from within. Each of us can discover the love we have inside & by believing in this love & letting it flow out of us we will have love in our life.

The same principle is true with peace. Once we discover love & we realize that every person has love inside them. We can begin to open our heart to others & act from a place of love first. By letting go of the need to judge, acting from a place of love first & accepting the differences we all have, peace can grow from within us outward to the rest of the world.

Believe in the power you have individually. Anything you want to do, you can do & peace is no different. Stop accepting the fact that there will always be violence & unrest in the world & start believing in the love with all have within us.

The biggest stumbling blocks we have to a world of peace are two fold. First, as I just mentioned, it's an acceptance that there will always be unrest. Remember thoughts become things!! So by accepting that there will always be unrest....there will always be unrest. Change your thoughts to believe that peace is possible & that the world can let go of differences & move to a time of peace.

The second stumbling block to peace is the EGO. The EGO's need for more is the driving force behind the violence in the world today. Take a look at your own life & understand that when you act out it's your EGO that's being hurt & making you react. By pausing & letting go of the immediate thought we can move beyond the EGO & into a place of love. We all have gotten hurt in life by others, but by letting go of the EGO & focusing on the love you have inside we can move beyond the EGO & begin to see the love that others have in them.

Start creating the world you want to see today. Let go of the old & believe in a world of peace & love. It can happen now!! Be the spark to ignite the change.

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Quote of the day:"Peace in the world is possible through each of us believing in ourselves & creating the world we want to see."

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JACQUI said...

Excellent post. Absolutely true. I have nothing more to add. You said it all.