Thursday, March 11, 2010

Letting Go!

In the past we've touched on how trying to take control of everything in your life can lead to many problems. This need to control everyone & everything can never be accomplished. We often delude ourselves into believing that we can control everything in our life but in fact we can't. The only things we can control are ourself & our reaction to others, everything else is out of our control. We may be able to influence others because of our relationship with them (i.e. Boss, spouse, parent)but we can't control them. In fact the more we try to control the people in our life the more they will rebel against us.

So how do we begin to let go? The process of letting go begins with the realization that we can't control everything in our lives. The next step is to begin to trust the people in your life. Realize that every person that enters your life is trying to do the best they can. This "best" may not equal your expectations of what's "best" in a given situation, but the truth is most people try to do their best in everything they do. The understanding of this fact can open your mind & allow you to let go in any situation.

The next step to truly letting go is to quiet your mind. This step has always been an issue for me. I have always had an overactive mind & to quiet it has taken a lot of practice. I have discovered the best way to quiet my mind is to focus on small or beautiful things in my life. I can focus on a flower & see the beauty in it. By changing my focus to this small flower my mind lets go of everything else. In contrast to the small I can look at the great expanse of the sky & again find beauty. This shift in focus has lead me to a more relaxed life. Through this process I am able to quiet the noise in my head & this leads to letting go of the stress of everyday.

The final step in the process of letting go is to take time to reconnect with your true self. It is the connection to your soul (true self) that will lead you beyond the noise of the world & into a place of self realization. The time you take for this connection isn't as important as actually doing it. There have been times in my life that I could only take a few minutes out of a busy day to reconnect to my soul but by taking this time I discovered a calming that helped me through the rest of the day. I've written previously on the process to achieving this connection but here's a quick summary:

Close your eyes.
Breathe deeply in through your nose & out of your mouth.
Focus on slowing your breathing down.
Shift your focus to your heartbeat.
Listen to your heartbeat.
Move beyond the sound of your heart & listen to the quiet voice deep inside.
Feel the relaxation of your entire body.
Continue to focus on the voice even if you can't understand it.
Spend as long as you can listening.
Open your eyes & reconnect with the world.

By letting go we find a calming of everything in our life. This calming leads to moving through the world with an ease & without stress. Trust in the process of letting go & discover a more fulfilling life!

Till Monday, enjoy your weekend.


Quote of the day:"By letting go & allowing the world to happen around you. You will discover an ease of moving through life that can't be matched. Let go today & discover true joy!!"

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JACQUI said...

Good strong wisdom Bill. (I'm always terrified that I'll slip up and call you Dave again)(if I do, I'm sure you'll forgive me).

An over-active mind, I know that one. I think Buddhists call it 'Monkey Mind'. I think a lot of our troubles are caused by the mischief it gets up to.

Such good advice to redirect your attention to beautiful things. Appreciation of the simple gifts of life really does snap you back into 'the moment'.

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Jacqui, I appreciate your comments on both blogs today. I never worry about what you call me...just thought you should know!! =D



P.S. Miss your writing I know you're taking a break but look forward to more soon.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words of wisdom Bill. I have such an appreciation for focus in the present that I am starting a regular feature one day a week at my blog to encourage others to do this very thing. I find it one of the most important things a person can do for themselves. Thanks your for sharing this and reminding us to - breathe.


Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Bill

Very True you said in the post!

But then I always say..."I moved on..moved on with the Treasurd Memories!" Indeed few things and moments are so worth special and important that you want to rejoice forever the spirit!

But then I also believe, "No Happiness with Hardships" learn, extract and then let go!

I loved you blog caome directly from Heart:)

~ And I came directly from Lena's lattest Guest Post, which was written by me!

~ Thankyou dear for teh lovely encourging words..indeed tiny drops makes ocean so one need to think and improve over little daily things we do :)

Bwt: I'm not able to let go my original Blog template though I'm curious to change my blog template that Blogger have recently introduced:)

Keep the Spark Alive:)


Anonymous said...

Love the quote of the day! Great post Bill! :)