Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Believe in Miracles

Do you believe in miracles?  Do miracles happen in your life? I think with all the noise & the push to have everything quantified & proven we've lost some of the magic.  One of the ways to shift to a more joyful/positive life is to rediscover the magic in the world & of course, in your life.

Up until the industrial revolution of the last 100 years people always believed that miracles happened.  They saw miracles big & small in their daily lives but with all the new inventions & the growth of science we tend to not even look for miracles.  We get to the point where even when a miracle happens we don't believe that it's a miracle.  We think there must be a reason for what happened & we look past the wonder of the miracle.

Don't get me wrong I love the world we live in & the continued innovation that this world creates.  But, for me looking at the world as a child is the way to live.  Everything in the world to me is a wonder.  I am always amazed at the beauty around us & I see miracles happen everyday in my life.  Sometimes these miracles are small & sometimes they are just amazing.

Open your eyes to the wonder in your life.  Let go of the noises telling you that things are a certain way, become a child again & reconnect to the joy in the world.  Love with all your heart & trust that miracles happen!

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Quote of the day from Deepak Chopra: "Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance & a miracle.  I let go of grievances & choose miracles."

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