Thursday, September 24, 2009

Self Deception

The only way to grow through the processes I have mentioned before in this blog is to be honest with yourself.  I touched on this subject briefly in my blog about honestly but I believe we should examine it more closely today.

There's a lot wrapped up in this issue.  Sometimes it's because of your self worth, sometimes it's because of EGO & sometimes it's because you've lied so much to everyone else you actually believe the lies.  The truth is that whatever the reason the first step to leading a more joyful life & reconnecting with your soul is to be honest with yourself.

I don't believe that this means being hard on yourself, part of being honest is forgiving yourself for your mistakes.  This can be a difficult thing to do but it's the first step of being honest with yourself.  Accept what you've done, forgive yourself and move forward.  Sometimes it sounds so easy to do but in life it's very difficult.  I've written before that once anything is in the past you can't change it.  You can try to make amends for your mistakes if it's appropriate but you can't change the past.  So forgive yourself, we all make mistakes & move on.

After forgiveness, to continue the process of being honest with yourself, you need to accept responsibility for all of your actions in your life.  Even those that weren't harmful to others, recognize the choices you made, don't make excuses, & accept responsibility for all of them.

Understand who you are right now & know that taking the first step is the hardest.  Moving forward will become easier with each step you take but you need to accept yourself for who you truly are & be honest with yourself before you can continue on the path to a more joyful life.  You are a divine being & there's always a way back to your divine connection.  Trust in your ability to change & become the person you know you can be.  Everything is possible & it all starts with you.

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Quote of the day: "To deceive one's self leaves you disconnected from everything.  Open your heart forgive yourself & move on to a more joyful life!"

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