Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Personal Responsibility

I had a nice discussion with @ponet on twitter yesterday regarding yesterday's blog on "Power".  During the discussion we talked about Personal Responsibility & the need in the world to shift towards reclaiming it, so I thought I'd write a blog about it today.

What are your thoughts about Personal Responsibility?  Do you think it's a problem?  Do you think it has anything to do with finding joy?  I believe there is a crisis in the world in regards to Personal Responsibility.  I think many people look to blame someone else for anything that happens to them.  They try to, in a lot of cases, profit off of a misfortune by blaming this other person.  Our society, at least in the U.S., is based on suing first & asking questions later.  I believe this is an unhealthy way to live because in many cases you're truly lying to yourself.

So what is Personal Responsibility?  To me it means accepting responsibility for your life.  We all make mistakes, it's part of bring human.  We need to accept that we made a mistake, forgive ourselves for making the mistake & move forward into a better life.

Taking responsibility for my actions was never an issue with me because I've always been honest.  But, forgiving myself for the mistakes I made took me a longtime to understand.  As I've noted in this blog before I had some issues with my Dad & I never felt like anything I did was good enough.  Therefore when I made a mistake it just played into the not being good enough feeling so I was always very hard on myself about mistakes.  

The solution to this issue has to be both parts because the only way you can move forward to a more joyful life is to accept Personal Responsibility for your actions & to forgive yourself for your mistakes. The joy you're looking for in your life comes from being true to yourself & reconnecting with your soul.  The only way to do this is to be honest to yourself & accept responsibility for your actions.

Move forward today & stop the blame game, accept responsibility for everything in your life & lead a more joyful life!

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Quote of the Day: "Accept responsibility for everything in your life & forgive yourself for your mistakes.  By doing this you'll lead a more joyful life!" 

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