Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dealing with fallow times

I've always liked the word fallow when talking about "bad' or "unproductive" times.  To me fallow is connected with nature & as I discussed in the blog on "Time" everything has it's natural time.  Today I wanted to discuss what we do during this fallow time.

I think the first thing to remember is that no matter how connected you are to God/universe there are going to be "fallow times".  Many people believe that we need these "fallow times"  to grow because it's only through struggle that we can change.  I know for me I have truly grown through my struggles but I've also grown through my daily life.  I've always tried to learn & grow in each & every day! 

I do know that if you are not connected to God/universe or if you're ignoring the messages that are coming your way.  God/universe has a way of making sure you get the message.  Sometimes that means going through "fallow times".

Once you understand that these "fallow times" are a normal part of life.  The next thing I do is try to look at what the message is that's being shown to me.  This can be difficult because you're trying to deal with the issues you have right in front of you.  What I've tried to do, just like during my daily life, is to take some quiet time & reflect on what the message is.

Once you understand the message you can deal with the things you need to learn & grow through.  Changing can be difficult for many people but God/universe will always try to give you the information you need to change.  The rest is truly up to you.

Remember that once anything happens in your life it's in the past & it can't be changed.  You may be able to make amends but you can't change what's happened.  Learn from the fallow times, let go of the past & move forward to a more joyful/positive life.

Remember that these times will pass, as in nature no storm lasts forever.  Believe in yourself & your ability to change & grow through these fallow times.

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Quote of the day: "Even in the darkest times if you look inside you can always find the light.  Grow through the challenges & lead a more joyful life" 

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