Monday, September 7, 2009

Service to Others

On this "Labor Day" in the US I thought it was time to write about the most important way to have a more joyful/positive life.  That way is service to others, what does service to others mean?  I think it means whatever you'd like it to mean but, to me, it means giving of yourself to someone else.  This can be through volunteering with a local charity or shelter. It can mean helping a neighbor or someone stuck on the side of the road.  It may also mean service to your country either in the active military or through organizations like the Peace Corps.

The bottom line to me, is that you give of yourself to others.  This giving of ones self opens you up to receive everything you give back in a new & wondrous way.  I know what you're thinking....I have a very busy life how am I suppose to find time to volunteer or give to someone else?  Well, I used that excuse before in my life.  The act of "service to others" doesn't mean that you have to set-up a time to volunteer every week or squeeze it into a small piece of time around everything else you're doing.  It means to open yourself to others understanding that we are all divine beings & all connected.  The way you do this is truly up to you, it's the idea of looking first to give, first to help that will bring more joy to your life.  The rewards you receive from helping others far out weigh anything that you give up.

Find a way to be in service to others today & your life will begin to change around you!

Finally, a small side note:  To all our service men & women who are in action across this wonderful world of ours or who are home after serving their time to their country.  Thank you for your service & sacrifice to help keep this country & the world free. 

Until tomorrow,


Quote of the day: "Giving of ones self in service to another is truly the greatest gift of love you can ever give."

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