Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've noticed over the past few days that it seems like I've been on a "P" kick (Patience, Peace & now Power), oh well.  I've also noticed that I have been starting most blogs lately with questions.  These questions are my thoughts as I think through a subject.  Let me know if you like the idea or not.  I'm trying to be as open as I can about my thought process and how I feel about each subject I write on.  Finally, if there's questions or other topics you'd like me to write about feel free to leave me a message here or on twitter.

On to Power; do you crave power?  What is authentic power? Is power something you can create?  I find power to be something difficult to write about because many people feel that they need to be in charge & have power.

To me power is something, as with most things, that comes from within.  It can be created through a title or a job.  This creation of power isn't true power, it's only created for the workplace or for the country/government that the title pertains to.  It's very easy to abuse this power because it's not given necessarily to a person with true leadership & authentic power.  This type of power tends to corrupt the person in the role because once they have the power given to them they don't want to lose it.  Most people believe that in order to hold on to power you need to control everything.  They feel the need to know what's going on so they can prevent someone from taking their power away.

The Tao says just the opposite.  It says the way to "rule" (have power) is to let go of everything & do nothing.  People will do the right thing because basically people are good.  I truly believe in this, I have always managed the people under me through empowerment.  What this means to me is that I help them learn & trust & believe in them to do their best job.  This doesn't mean they don't make mistakes, mistakes are part of the learning process, but instead of focusing on the mistakes.  I focus on what we've learned through the process.  Through this process everyone learns & grows.

So what is authentic power?  I believe there are natural born leaders.  They are the people that everyone is naturally drawn to.  The reason why we're are drawn to these people is because they have authenic power.  They have learned to tap into the soul & connect to the true power of God/universe.  In the Tao it says when we release everything we will be given everything we can imagine.  It is through no effort that everything is accomplished.  Learn to tap into the soul & find the deep fulfilling energy of God/universe & you will never lack anything!

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Quote of the day: "Be gentle with power for true power comes from within."

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