Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Control is an issue we've touched on before but I believe we should take a deeper look at today.  What is Control?  Do you consider yourself controlling? Do you feel like you have to have control over everything in your life?  Let's take a look at each one of these questions & see how each relates to the issue of control.

Control to me is taking over everything in your life.  Making everything work on your schedule with no margin for error.  If your in a relationship or have children it includes the need to know what they are doing & where they are at every minute of everyday.  Do you get upset if things don't go exactly according to plan?  Do you feel like you can't handle anything happening outside of your plan?  These questions may open your eyes to the second question whether or not you are controlling.  The first step to letting go of control in your life is to understand that you are controlling or that you need to have control in your life. These are slightly different issues of the same coin.  The need to have control is slightly different then being controlling.  The answer to needing control can be a past issue that you need to work through.

I have never been a person that needed control in his life.  I've always tried to enjoy the now but there were times in my life when I decided to take control of a certain issue.  I made up my mind that I was going to make this happen no matter what.  Unfortunately, I've found out the hard way that this isn't the best way to be.  I usually was able to make things happen & I would end up getting what I wanted but most of the time it was never what I thought it was going to be. 

One of the best examples of this would be a job.  I decided I wanted a certain job & did everything I could to make sure I got this job.  The once I had the job it wasn't what I thought it would be at all.  In fact it turned out to be a job that I didn't want at all.

So why did this happen?  Control, negates everything good in the universe.  It destroys synchronicity and the natural flow of things.  You may feel like you're happy because things are the way you want them to be.  But, the truth is that if you let go of control & become one with God/universe your life will unfold into a new an amazing life that you can only imagine.

Letting go of control doesn't mean not doing anything.  It simply means letting things happen as they should not making them happen.  For true fulfillment in your life you need to let go of control & release your desires into the universe.  The end result of this will be a more joyful/positive life.

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Quote of the day: "Release the need for control in your life.  Allow the universe to work for you & you will discover a more joyful life."

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