Thursday, September 3, 2009


What's your biggest resistance?  What daily actions do you take that you feel resistance to?  Resistance is an interesting Paradox most people think that when they have an automatic resistance to something that there's a good reason for it.  I disagree, the only time that resistance has a deeper meaning is when you are living in the moment & connected to your soul.

So what is resistance?  It's the EGO's fear of change or anything that's different.  One of the quickest ways to change your life to a more joyful/positive life is to pay attention to the things you quickly resist.  This resistance is normally old patterned behavior that the EGO doesn't want to let go of. 

Remember from the blog I wrote on the "EGO" that the EGO lies.  It wants what's easiest & doesn't want change.  Resistance is one of it's first lines of defense, that's why paying attention to it is so important.

In "Perception" we talked a lot about the way you filter everything that comes into your life.  Most of this information is stuff that has been ingrained in us since we were a child.  The battle we always have as we move to enlightenment is to be able to leave the messages we learned, but that don't ring true to our soul, behind.  Most of our automatic reactions are learned behavior.  So, if your parents were prejudice against African-Americans until you unlearn that prejudice & challenge it, your first reaction is to feel uncomfortable or worse around African-Americans.

I'm not trying to imply that everything you learned as a child is wrong.  Instead I'm trying to point out how difficult it is to move past those automatic responses.  The best way to do this is by paying attention to resistance.  Resistance is the first marker of fear, if we can move past these automatic responses, past resistance & beyond fear we can lead a more joyful/positive & fulfilling life.

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Quote of the day: "Resistance is the language of the EGO, move past resistance and lead a more joyful life."

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