Friday, September 11, 2009


Do you consider yourself creative?  Is creativity part of your daily life?  These are interesting questions for everyone.  I've found that as you open up to the divine connection in your soul that everything becomes more beautiful.  If you pay attention to this new beauty in your life you can't help but to become more creative.

How does creativity work?  I think it's different for everybody.  For me I become the most creative with other creative people, that's one of the reason I've enjoyed twitter.  I enjoy bouncing ideas around with creative people & listening to their ideas.  It's this interaction that really expands my creativity.  I've always had an interesting internal dialogue in regards to creativity.  As many of you may know for the past 11 years I have done taxes for a living.  In the previous 10 years though I was a professional actor so this duality has always been hard for me.  Part of my transformation to a more joyful life was to let go of my logical mind.  I use to over analyze everything in my life.

I found that by opening myself up to creativity I could limit the over analysis of everything  in my life.  The smallest things could spark very creative things in my life.  A great book for anyone who wants to expand their creativity is "The Artists Way" by Julie Cameron if you take the time & follow the excerises in this book you will rediscover your creativity.  By expanding your creativity or rediscovering your creativity you will open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities.

Take time to enjoy more creativity & enjoy the benefits of a more joyful life.

Till Monday,


Quote of the day: "Open your life to more creativity & enjoy the beauty of the world around you."

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