Monday, September 21, 2009


I noticed in the paper today that it's the International day of peace.  I wondered what we all think about peace?  Not only world peace but the peace we have inside of us.  The peace in the way we deal with others in our life.  Have you given any thought to peace?

Like everything else in order to truly be able give or project peace we need to have it inside of us.  Every journey we begin must start with us.  So take a moment and think about peace. What are your thoughts? Can you find the quiet inside yourself? 

The soul is as deep as the ocean & by connecting with our soul we can find true peace within us.  Once we begin to know peace for ourselves we can then begin to spread peace throughout all of our life.  Deal with everyone in your life from a place of love & peace.

World peace is within our grasp if we all can bring peace into our own life.  When each of us as individuals become more loving & peaceful the world will begin to shift towards a more peaceful place. 

Most people believe the only way for large issues to be resolved is by large actions.  I believe instead that it's in the smallest steps that each of us take that truly make the difference.  All it takes is making that first step & the journey will be under way.  Join me in bringing more peace to the world.

Till tomorrow,


Quote of the day: "Together we can change the world all it takes is a small step from each us to begin the journey of change.  Start today!" 

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