Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I've talked in the past about love & being of service to others but I believe it all starts with kindness.  In this day & age I believe there is a movement throughout the world to be kind to one another.  We all hear about all the "bad" stuff that happens in the world. It's reported more often then ever.  I believe these imagines are of small extreme groups & doesn't speak for most of the world.  The NBC nightly news asked a few months ago for "good" stories to have on their broadcast & they ended up with enough "stories" to fill several years.  We all need to take the "bad" news with a grain of salt & believe in the best in everyone.

The movement towards more kindness in the world really gained steam with the 2000 movie "Pay it Forward".  This movie showed us all the impact of a Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) on people from all walks of life.  I believe strongly in the premise of this movie and I have seen firsthand how a simple act can make all the difference in a person day & sometimes even in their life.

I realize in this tough economy that we all have to watch the amount of money we give away & to a large extend everyone seems to need a little bit of help from Non-profits to our neighbors.  That's why the principal of RAOK rings so true to me because this simple act can be anything & doesn't have to cost you a penny or even much of your time.

Think about the next time your in a grocery store & you see a mother with 3 kids trying to get that bag of dog hard is to take a minute & lift it up for her & put into under her cart.  By doing this you may make her day & by continuing to do these random acts we together can change the world.  The more positive energy we give out into the world, the positive energy the world will give back.  

Many people believe that major changes need to happen to make the world a better place. I believe instead that all it takes is for everyone of us to start being more kind.  I realize sometimes we all run into a "difficult" person & it's hard to be kind to that person.  But if you realize that everyone is a divine being trying to rediscover the love in their soul & their own connection with God/universe, you may even find a way to be kind to that difficult person.

Be the change in the world & discover how your life will change around you.  Start today with being kind to everyone you meet & practice a daily Random Act of Kindness.

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Quote of the day: "Kindness begins with each one of us.  Practice a RAOF daily & make the world a better place!"

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