Tuesday, September 29, 2009


One of the first blog's I wrote was about using a vision board to help focus daily on what you want in your life.  I use pictures & words on mine & I try to take some time everyday to focus on these images.  Along with this vision board you should also create goals and write them down.
In general, we are a goal oriented people & I truly believe that this isn't a bad thing.  The downside to this process is that you have to forgive yourself if you don't reach a goal within the time frame you've chosen & you need to make these goals fluid.  These two points are very important especially being fluid.  As you're living in the moment of everyday you may discover other things you want to add to your goals or move away from.  So don't become rigid in your goal setting instead stay fluid & flexible.
The way I go about setting goals is a multi-step process for me.  I start with trying to set goals for the day.  These are the things I want to accomplish throughout the current day.  I try to include practical things i.e: mowing the lawn & things that will help me expand & continue to open me up i.e: reading the next chapter in a book. Then I continue this same process for the week & for the month.  I always make sure to include things that will be for me, as well as the things that need to be done.  It's very important to write down the things you're going to do for yourself because these are the things that tend to be left out or cut out first & in fact they are usually the most important things to do.  Then I tend to make a list of long-term goals.  I am very loose on the timing of these long-term goals because I believe that all goals, especially long-term goals, need to be fluid.  Writing these long-term goals down can help you focus on what needs to be done now to achieve these long-term goals.  Every step you take today leads you to a new tomorrow. 
Goals are another way to focus your attention on what you want in your life.  By writing down your goals on a daily basis you can continue to lead a more joyful life.
Till tomorrow,
Quote of the day: "Open yourself to the discovery of your daily goals.  Focus on these daily goals & watch the world open up before you."

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